Ahithophel, on Abe Greenwald:

Abe, you make a fine point: “the delusional expectations placed on Barack Obama by his fans are a necessary counterpart to their own delusional indictments of George W. Bush. That’s why the enthusiasm about Obama is similarly not of a fact-based nature. His acolyes seek in him fake antidotes to fake problems.”

But I would put it slightly differently. The measure of liberal hatred for Bush is the exact measure of their love for Obama, because they required a candidate not only to overturn 8 years of Republican leadership-they needed a defeater of the evil one. The depth of their hatred for Bush made them so desperate, that once the person who could replace Bush emerged he was greeted with messianic fervor. He *is* a savior to liberals, and he is a savior precisely because Bush is evil and the United States has been under the power of his evil. If the hatred for Bush were not so extreme and exaggerated, the enthusiasm and love for Obama would have been more rationally proportioned.

A mythical figure is created in the popular imagination in order to match the evil that must be defeated.

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