Gertrude Himmelfarb has died at age 97. She was a part of the COMMENTARY family almost from the beginning. We will have more to say later, but for now here’s a list of her writings for the magazine and a list of COMMENTARY reviews of her books:

Review of Community of the Free, by Yves Simon – June 1948

The Study of Man: The Prophets of the New Conservatism – January 1950

Post Mortems on Germany – September 1950

The Study of Man: Political Thinking: Ancients vs. Moderns – July 1951

On the Horizon: Henry Adams’ Skeptic Faith in Democracy – December 1952

Anonymity, “Time,” and Success – July 1960

Fabianism – August 1968

Poverty à La Mode – August 1971

Radical History – September  1974

The “New History” – January 1975

Review of The Secularization of the European Mind in the Nineteenth Century, by Owen Chadwick – October 1976

In Defense of Progress – June 1980

From Clapham to Bloomsbury: A Genealogy of Morals – February 1985

The “Real” Marx – April 1985

Victorian Values/Jewish Values – February 1989

The Right to Misquote – April 1991

Of Heroes, Villains, and Valets – June 991

The Politics of Dissent – July 1994

What To Do About Education: The Universities – October 1994

Academic Advocates – September 1995

The National Prospect: A Symposium – November 1995

On the Future of Conservatism – February 1997

For the Love of Country – May 1997

“A Man’s Own Household His Enemies” – July/August 1999

The Election Wars and the Culture Wars – May 2000

Two Nations or Two Cultures? – January 2001

Judging Richard Posner – February 2002

Irving Kristol’s Neoconservative Persuasion – February 2011

Her Books Reviewed in COMMENTARY:

Lord Acton, reviewed by George Shuster – February 1953

Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution, reviewed by H.R. Trevor-Roper – September 1959

Victorian Minds, reviewed by Robert Nisbet – November 1968

On Liberty and Liberalism, reviewed by Peter Berger – October 1974

The Idea of Poverty, reviewed by Maurice Cranston – March 1984

Marriage and Morals Among the Victorians, reviewed by Myron Magnet – September 1986

Poverty and Compassion, reviewed by Peter Berger – December 1991

On Looking Into the Abyss, reviewed by John Gross – April 1994

The De-Moralization of Society, reviewed by Peter Berger – May 1995

One Nation, Two Cultures, reviewed by Paul Johnson – January 2000

The Roads to Modernity, reviewed by James A. Nuechterlein – November 2004

The Moral Imagination, reviewed by Michael Lewis – May 2006

The Spirit of the Age, in Terry Teachout’s Bookshelf – December 21, 2007

The Jewish Odyssey of George Eliot, reviewed by John Gross – June 2009

The People of the Book, reviewed by David Frum – December 2011

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