Midge Decter, who died today at the age of 94, began her relationship with COMMENTARY in 1950 when she came to work as a secretary for Robert Warshow, its managing editor. By 1954, newly divorced from her first husband, she returned to the job and also began her career as a writer with “On the Horizon: Belittling Sholom Aleichem’s Jews,” which was published in April 1954. Her final article, “Kennedyism at Rest,” appeared 55 years later, in our October 2009 issue. Sixty-seven pieces appeared between them. Here’s a sample of the rest of her COMMENTARY contributions.

Women at Work,” March 1961

Growing Old in America,” January 1963

The Presidential Papers, by Norman Mailer,” February 1964

Kennedyism,” January 1970

The Liberated Woman,” October 1970

A Look at Israel,” May 1971

Looting and Liberal Racism,” September 1977

The Boys on the Beach,” September 1980

Liberating Women: Who Benefits?,” March 1984

Socialism & Its Irresponsibilities: The Case of Irving Howe,” December 1982

E Pluribus Nihil: Multiculturalism and Black Children,” September 1991

Who Is Addicted to What?,” April 1994

What Are Little Boys Made Of?,” December 1998

That These Dead Shall Not Have Died in Vain,” July/August 2001

Remembering Robert Warshow,” April 2002

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