The enthusiasm for Obama on college campuses has waned significantly since 2008, a fact that finally gets noticed by the New York Times. Polls have already been showing the decline, but the Times backs this up with interviews with students, who are now more concerned with finding jobs in the stagnant economy than with volunteering for Obama’s reelection campaign:

Ms. Guerrero said that she did not blame Mr. Obama for the 13.4 percent unemployment rate that has gripped this state, and that she was still likely to vote for him. But as she looks to graduation this June and her job hunt ahead, the emotion she feels is fear, and she cannot imagine having the time or spirit to work for Mr. Obama.

“I don’t think I could do it anymore,” she said. “That campaign was an amazing experience. But I don’t think I’m in the same mind-set anymore. He hasn’t really addressed the young people, and we helped him to get elected.”

The Obama campaign disputes that its having a hard time finding volunteers, but it’s becoming obvious they’re not going to be able to recruit the army of supporters who helped him in 2008. Not only are students demoralized, so are other traditional Democratic supporters, like the union workers who were counting on the Keystone XL construction.

Nevada, the state where several of the Times interviews were based, has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Obama won Nevada by 12 percent in 2008, but recent polls have showed him tied with Romney in the state. If the students in the Times piece are any indication of Obama’s chances in Nevada, he’s clearly going to face quite an uphill battle.

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