There’s a slight logical flaw in the Human Rights Campaign’s crusade against King & Spalding. If the HRC actually believes (as it’s said in the past) that the Defense of Marriage act is “clearly discriminatory and unconstitutional,” then why is the group so fearful about the act being defended in court?

If the DOMA issue was really as cut and dry as HRC claims, one would imagine that even the best attorney wouldn’t make much difference. And if HRC was as confident as it pretends to be, it would let DOMA have its day in court, and it would let it get struck down.

Instead, the group launched a national campaign to strong-arm King & Spalding into dropping it. It tried to scare off the firm’s clients, and planned protests of the law office. Basically, it seems terrified, which indicates that it has a complete lack of faith in the legal system or it’s worried about the strength of the anti-DOMA case (third option is that this is all a ploy for donors).

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