For those wondering whether the UN is going to continue to serve as a global platform for anti-Semitism—webcast around the world, free for all Internet users, and archived so that it may be accessed for a long, long time—the mystery is over. The UN Human Rights Council today broadcast uninterrupted hate speech—in the name of “human rights.” Palestinian UN representative Muhammad Abu-Koash had this to say on December 12, 2007 in the middle of the Council’s current session:

The Israeli creeping geography has been countered . . . as the victims of Aryan purity have been transformed into the proponents of Jewish purity . . . .

I will revert to poetry to deliver the message clearly to the Ambassador of Israel

Mr. Jail Man, do you not understand

Scars of concentration camps mark your hand . . .

Draw your lesson from France and Deutschland . . .

Washington, Mandela and Arafat stand so grand

Though called terrorists by occupiers in command

Mr. Jail man, you do not want to understand

You gave occupation new attire with Semitic brand. . .

{T]hose who suffered in Europe, those who came from concentration camps, those who came from the ghettos, they should not act as our masters. They should know the meaning of suffering.”

The hatred marking the delivery of the Palestinian “peace-partner’s” speech is hard to miss. So is the goal of branding Israelis as Nazi equivalents—and it doesn’t have much to do with “peace.”

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