To the Editor:

While staying in the Rest-Home in Kibbutz Shefayim last week, I happened to find in the reading room the February 1952 issue of COMMENTARY.

This is the first time that I have seen this periodical in Israel and I want to tell you how favorably I have been impressed by its contents. Especially interesting and well written were the two articles on Germany, the correctness of which I can confirm from my own visit to Germany last autumn.

I should like very much to read COMMENTARY regularly, but our foreign currency position being what it is, I am unable to pay for it in dollars. Would it perhaps be possible to find some American sponsor who could have a copy sent to Israel for me?

I am thirty-one years old, married, and an electronic technician employed by the Israel Ministry of Defense. I was born in Germany and have been living in Israel since 1936.

If I should receive COMMENTARY regularly, I promise to pass it on, after reading, either to any person or institution you might suggest, or to a public reading room, for example that of the Soldier’s Welfare Committee, where I am sure it will be read to shreds.

E. Gross
Haifa, Israel



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