To the Editor:

Dale Walker’s “Living in Jidda” [July] is a remarkable piece of writing. Mr. Walker does something similar to what V.S. Naipaul does in his journalism, but with his own special voice, his own special outlook. One reads with amazement that this is his first published article. . . .

Peter Hornik
Clifton Park, New Jersey




Two typographical errors occurred in Roger Starr’s article, “The Three Mile Shadow,” October. The last sentence on page 49 should read: “Although the accident ultimately involved the reactor vessel and the nuclear fuel, it would not have occurred but for the malfunction and shutdown of the plant’s steam-turbine generating system.” On page 50, the last two sentences in the first paragraph should read: “Thus, Richard Webb has suggested the possibility of a breakdown in the gravity-operated system that stops the chain nuclear reaction. There has never been such an episode, here or abroad, in any of the commercial or military reactors that have been in operation for years.”

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