To the Editor:

In his article, “Screen Memories from Germany” [Movies, June], Richard Grenier offers a well-considered and objective assessment of Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s Our Hitler, A Film from Germany. His is the first review I have seen which speaks the truth about this extremely bad and dangerous picture, and it is especially welcome in light of the unfounded enthusiasm of other reviewers, notably Vincent Canby of the New York Times and Susan Sontag.

I feel well-qualified to make a judgment on this matter since I was a long-time film reviewer for a German film paper and later worked in the film department of the Museum of Modern Art. In the course of my career I have seen and analyzed over 1,000 Nazi films. I sat through over seven hours of Our Hitler and ended up with the feeling that Syberberg instead of being honored should have been condemned as a completely untalented film-maker, with a supremely muddled mind, who is, moreover, a total “post-Nazi.”. . .

Johanna B. Angel
Bronx, New York

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