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Moon Watching

In the very week that technology achieved its apotheosis in the moon landings, "Life" devoted pride of place on the…

TV Comedy

I was a little irritated with one of my English department colleagues the other day. This very strict and uncompromising…

TV Dreams

Anyone who calls himself--or allows himself to be called--a television critic cannot afford to neglect the junk that clutters the…

Television & Politics

FOR A FEW MOMENTS during the Democratic Convention, television viewers might have imagined themselves watching the penultimate scene of a…

TV Specials

ACCORDING TO Robert Jay Lifton, the 20th century is fostering a new breed of human beings whose dispositions are so…

TV (Again)

Maybe Mcluhan is right and the medium is the massage, subtly working us over and restructuring the personality.

Expo 67

Are world's fairs obsolete? This is the eight-hundred-million-dollar question posed by Expo 67, the "universal and international exhibition" being held…