If you are like me, there are times when you think the political world has gone insane. The left indulges in constant Israel-bashing and believes if America retreats from the world, wars will “end.” The free-market system, the best antidote to poverty the planet has ever known, is being systematically dismantled. And without naming names, too many conservatives have taken a holiday from reality. While there are many reasons to love COMMENTARY, the most critical for me is that it provides a treasure trove of rational thinking, clearheaded analysis—and even some optimism about the future of America, the conservative movement, and the West.

We all need an intellectual refuge now and then and access to respected, honest voices trying to make sense of the world. Most of all we need perspective that is rarely available in the 24/7 news environment. Does democracy work in the Arab world? What’s the future of free-market capitalism in the U.S.? Is the American Jewish community self-destructing? It is for answers to these and a hundred other questions that we can turn to COMMENTARY.

COMMENTARY helps ground us in reality and lifts our spirits in very troubled times. I couldn’t survive without it.

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