He doesn’t compare to Hillary Clinton in the sheer volume of material which his primary utterances now provide to the McCain camp, but Joe Biden is the gift that does keep giving. The last is the flap over his defense of Barack Obama’s position and record on Afghanistan. But his real contribution is as a depository of bad ideas and ill-conceived advice on Iraq. His forced partition idea (and the doggedness with which he pursued it) rank among the cherished memories. Peter has already compiled chapter and verse on Biden’s follies.

But he did after all vote for the war. And then he opposed the Kyl-Lieberman amendment, which Obama used to think was a bad idea but now thinks is a good idea. (And if there is any doubt, this helpful interview will set you straight on their contention at the time that Kyl-Lieberman was “counterproductive.”) So maybe Obama can shunt him off to the side as one of those unofficial advisors that really doesn’t share his views. We can hope.

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