The Fix reports that a new poll conducted for Resurgent Republic shows substantial support for using enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorists:

Asked whether such tactics were justified, 53 percent of the overall sample said they were and 34 percent said they were not. While Democrats strongly opposed the use of these controversial methods and Republicans strongly supported them, independent voters were slightly more divided than partisans of each side, with 51 percent expressing support for the tactics and 31 percent opposing them.

On the question of whether such techniques have yielded information that has made the country safer, 52 percent of all respondents said they had while 39 percent said they had not. Independents’ views on the issue mirrored the overall sample, with 51 percent saying the tactics had made the country safer and 39 percent saying they had not.

So once again one is left to ponder what the Democrats have to gain by perpetuating a witch hunt against those who devised policies a majority of Americans approve of and believe kept us safe. Unlike the 9-11 commission, which sought to lay blame for those who failed us, the self-styled “Truth” Commission seems bent on blaming those who succeeded. Odd indeed.

And this highlights the corner Democrats now find themselves in. Had Pelosi been cagey — and brave enough to stand up to her netroot base — she would have said, “Yes, the CIA briefed me and I was tough enough to say — ‘By God, do what you have to in order to keep Americans safe!'” Actually, that is what some, including Porter Goss, say happened — so it would have the benefit of being true. Let’s also stipulate that the “Where did I put page two of my script?” Pelosi performance revealed that it’s hard to put to memory as convoluted a lie as the one she is spinning.

But now the Democrats are in the uncomfortable spot of trying to disprove that they supported a policy that Americans support. Only in the skewed world of netroot politics could we come to a point where it is better to lie in order to align yourself with a minority view, than to come clean and be on the “winning” side of the issue. In the end, Pelosi and the others briefed by the CIA will have the unfortunate task of defending their credibility, as well as a policy stance most Americans oppose. No wonder the president wanted to look forward.

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