The Bahraini Interior Ministry on Saturday released a statement announcing that, with the help of Qatar, it has narrowly averted a terrorist attack that it says had an Iranian component:

…The Ministry confirms that it has discovered a terror cell that was planning to carry out terror attacks against vital establishments and individuals in the Kingdom. The Qatari security authority officially called its Bahraini counterpart about the arrest of four Bahrainis who had entered Qatar through Saudi Arabia. The concerned Qatari authority found in the possession of the suspects documents and a laptop containing sensitive security information and details about some places and vital establishments in Bahrain, as well as airline bookings to Syria. Significant cash amounts in U.S. dollars and Iranian toman were also found on them.

The Qatari Security Authority questioned the suspects and inquiries in Qatar revealed that the suspects had illegally left Bahrain after being incited by others to head to Iran, passing through Qatar and Syria, to establish a group that carries out armed terrorist operations in Bahrain against vital establishments and individuals….

Inquiries to-date have confirmed that the suspects were targeting the King Fahd Causeway, Ministry of Interior building, Saudi Arabia Eebassy and individuals.

If the Bahraini government’s allegations are true, it appears that:

(1)    The alleged terror plot in Washington, D.C., was one of many terrorist attacks Iranian authorities have plotted.

(2)    When plots multiply, suggestions that they are rogue become less credible.

(3)    Iranian sloppiness is not exculpatory.

(4)   As Iranian leaders convince themselves the United States and its allies are paper tigers, it believes it can launch terror attacks with impunity.

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