Iran is peddling the fiction—promoted by its enablers in Washington—that the United States hasn’t fully upheld its end of the bargain when it comes to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Specifically, Iranian authorities say the United States hasn’t made good on its promise to normalize or promote trade. In effect, Iranian authorities want President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to lift additional sanctions imposed because of Iran’s terror sponsorship and its human rights abuses and pressure banks and other businesses to do business in Iran, despite the risks inherent in operating in an economy which doesn’t respect commercial law. Alas, Kerry, who has never met a concession he couldn’t rationalize, appears ready to contradict what he told Congress and do what Iran asks.

He and others might want to consider the following from the Iranian press, however. According to a story in the semi-official Mehr News Agency, the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade has banned on the import of Chevrolet cars into Iran. This led to the cancellation of a $7 million order for 200 cars. Lest anyone believe this was just the result of some anonymous official in the ministry letting his anti-Americanism shine through, the decision was taken after the Supreme Leader himself condemned the import of American cars.

If anyone is hampering Iran from enjoying the full benefits of trade, it appears that it is the Supreme Leader and the regime he oversees. Let us hope that, as the Iranian regime siphons off the hard currency it has received since implementation day, that the Iranian people fully recognize the reason their condition has not improved is not because of other countries bent on victimizing Iran, but rather because of the paranoid, xenophobic, and anti-American regime that now speaks and acts in their name.

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