The filmmaker Michael Moore spoke at an Occupy Denver event. He was also in Denver to promote a book on his life, from which he presumably receives proceeds. But what Moore said to the crowd was less interesting than what he said to the press. When asked by a local Denver reporter about his net worth and whether he was part of the so-called one percent, Moore merely responded, “I do very well.”

When the reporter then asked Moore how he was using his purported $50 million to assist the Occupy movement, Moore became aggressive and angry.  “You’re just punk media, is all you are,” Moore said. “You lie. You lie to people. Stop lying. Stop lying. Just don’t lie, okay?”

Moore’s deep interest in truth is both touching and rather recent. After all, last week I showed that Michael Moore himself lied repeatedly to CNN’s Piers Morgan about his wealth and station in life. He insisted he wasn’t part of the one percent for whom he has such deep contempt. In fact, Moore is much closer to being in the top one percent of the top one percent. He’s a very rich man — and he’s become rich off the system for which he has a burning hatred.

Now Moore, who has been outed as a liar, is himself preaching against lying.

Can a Michael Moore-led campaign against obesity be far behind?


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