Here’s a link to a moving interview with, and story about, a 12-year-old Australian boy, Casey Heynes, who was picked on by a bully, fought back and won, and (thanks to the Internet) became a symbol of courage. 

Casey talks about how hard his life has been as the object of years of cruel bullying (Casey talks about contemplating suicide). There’s also a very touching element to this story. Casey seems like a good kid (his sister, who has defended him, is wonderful); and his willingness to fight back has transformed a boy who had been ridiculed and abandoned by his friends into a hero of sorts.

The popularity of the original video of the fight tells us something socially significant. It appeals to moral sentiments that are deep within us — a hatred for bullies, identification with the underdog, wanting to see justice done. 

Sometimes the good guys do win; and when they do, it’s something we like to celebrate.

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