Apparently not – at least not one whose last name he can remember.

Yesterday, Hugh Hewitt interviewed Donald Trump for the first time since December 1, 2015. Back then, Trump said he would be ready to announce his team of national security advisers in three-to-four weeks. He is now in the tenth week of his three-to-four week period.

Hewitt has apparently given up trying to discover the names on the imaginary team, since he didn’t ask about it again yesterday. Instead, he tried a more limited query: “Who’s your go-to guy or gal on the Middle East?” That produced this response:

Well, I have numerous people. I don’t want to give all names, but we have Walid, we have, you know, I have many, many people that I’m talking to, plus I read a lot, Hugh. I watch a lot and I read a lot.

It is a shame Hewitt did not ask him to name one of the terrific books he’s read on the subject.

Hewitt’s inquiry about the Middle East adviser followed Trump’s response to this question: “Do you think a two-state solution is viable, Donald Trump?” Trump gave a 165-word response, set forth below in its excruciating entirety, which understandably led to Hewitt’s query about the go-to person:

I think it’s very, I think the whole thing is very, very tough. The level of animosity, the level of hatred and distrust is so, so tough. I’ve been with the greatest experts on the subject, and they think the coming together, you know, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it would work. It’s a little bit like we’re talking about in Germany where you know, assimilation. It’s a very, very difficult situation. I always say you know, when we talk about difficult deals, I always say that may be the most difficult deal in the world to put together. The relationship is just so bad. And it’s ingrained. I mean, it’s ingrained for years and years and years, and the relationship, Hugh, is so bad. I use that as an example. If somebody could put that together, if somebody could create real peace over there, that would be, that would be the great dealmaker of all time. But it’s going to be very tough.

It is a shame Hewitt did not ask him to name one of the greatest experts he’s been with; and given the above answers, someone should renew the requests made in 2012 and 2015 that Trump release his transcripts.

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