We’re used to stories about the politicization of international organizations, but the effects of that politicization are still genuinely shocking. So get this: Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been in “discussions”—keep that word in mind—since Hamas’s Oct. 7 attacks with the World Health Organization. The topic of these discussions: When can extremely knowledgeable infectious disease experts from America join others in Egypt to monitor and counter outbreaks and public health crises in Gaza?

Now, you might think: What’s there to discuss? The U.S. wants to offer its resources to save the lives of civilians at risk of disease. But you’re not thinking like a global citizen. To the international community, there is something more important than saving lives, and that’s being mad at America.

And so, actual toddlers in Gaza are in danger because overgrown toddlers at the WHO are living down to their reputation, according to four officials who spoke to the Washington Post:

“The CDC, which has a long history of collaborating with WHO, had reached out to the international health organization to offer support in October, about two weeks after the Hamas attack on Israel and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war and bombardment of Gaza, according to a CDC official. But WHO officials raised concerns that the international community would view the U.N. agency as taking sides if U.S. government experts were assigned to WHO’s regional office in Cairo because of the United States’ military aid to Israel, according to WHO and CDC officials.”

What they were worried about, according to Rick Brennan, the emergency director of WHO in Cairo, was “a perception of a lack of neutrality from WHO if we got support from CDC.”

But don’t worry, agency employees here in the states appear to have found a Jew to blame. That’s CDC Director Mandy Cohen, who had sent an initial agency-wide email after the Hamas attacks deploring the loss of life—but didn’t mention Gaza. Cohen, we are told, “speaks frequently about the importance of her Jewish faith.”

After that, 160 employees sent not one but two letters to Cohen “expressing frustration at her silence and the lack of a more visible CDC role in Gaza.” They also insisted she call for a ceasefire. Because, you see, as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, she has a big red “ceasefire” button in her office, and not once did she give it a good klop. Last, they wanted to put a stop to “distribution of funding and armaments used to perpetrate violence and destruction of public health infrastructure”—as if CDC Director Mandy Cohen was making daily stops at the UPS Store to send the IDF every last bazooka she had in her office.

At a town hall with CDC employees, Cohen tried to explain that she’s “not the one who makes foreign policy for our government,” but nobody was buying it. So a few days later, in her capacity as CDC director and apparently NATO supreme allied commander, Cohen sent an agency-wide email expressing explicit condolences for Palestinians and Israelis.

I want to emphasize how unbelievably stupid this all is.

American CDC officials were begging to help Gaza, but the WHO was concerned that the U.S. government is Israel-adjacent, and therefore was uncomfortable with Americans … saving Palestinian lives. Meanwhile, the assumption at the CDC was that this Cohen lady must be the reason we’re not helping Palestinians, because, well, you know.

Palestinians, it should be noted, have no aversion to having their lives saved by the Hebrews. Why would they? Some of the Israelis Hamas killed on Oct. 7 were volunteer drivers for Gazans seeking medical care inside Israel, and they were killed because Hamas honcho Yahya Sinwar was alive to plan the attack—because Israeli surgeons had removed Sinwar’s brain tumor years ago.

Which is to say, someone at the WHO should have asked suffering Palestinians if they would prefer to wait for a doctor who wasn’t from America. I don’t think the Palestinian patients would have been very amused to hear they were being volunteered as human sacrifices to the WHO’s bureaucratic ideological bedwetting.

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