I don’t know that I’ve ever made my way through something as hard to read as the comprehensive report released last week by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. Titled “Silent Cry: Sexual Crimes in the October 7 War,” the report lays out in gruesome detail what we know—not what is theorized or assumed, but what is known—about Hamas’s depravity on and after October 7.

People who still doubt and deny these atrocities aren’t searching for evidence, and it’s clear they never were. Despite that, the value in documenting Hamas’s barbarousness for posterity is obvious. In addition, the report was delivered to the United Nations, which has a special obligation to read it and act on it because it has a unique level of culpability in the crimes.

I don’t mean simply the fact that UN employees participated in the attacks, though that is certainly part of the picture. The report reveals something truly catastrophic about the society over which the UN has presided as its primary steward.

Palestinians in Gaza have been brainwashed beyond hatred to the point of sadistic reprogramming, and it is incumbent on the world to intervene.

The report is available online here, and readers can decide for themselves the level of detail they are prepared to handle. But one quote in particular has haunted me ever since I first read the report. An emergency responder on the scene described the mutilation of the victims this way: “There’s almost no body they were satisfied with (just) shooting.”

There is abundant eyewitness testimony, but the Gazans who carried out those crimes went to great lengths to leave no doubt. Victims—both men and women, but mostly women—were found with nails, grenades, knives, iron bars, and gunshot wounds in their genitals. There was, in fact, an overriding obsession with sexual torture and mutilation along with rape, and often with family members forced to watch. It is all consistent with the many videos Hamas took themselves of terrorists dragging mostly naked women through the streets as onlookers cheer. Internal organs were mutilated as well, and some victims were beheaded.

Put it this way: You know something is truly demonic when phrases like “just murdered” or “just raped” appear in a report.

Where would multiple generations of a society imbibe justifications for such maniacal behavior? In part, from school textbooks paid for by the U.S. taxpayer, as this chilling report compiled by IMPACT-se, an educational NGO, shows in detail.

A teacher’s guide to Palestinian history books instructs teachers that, after a lesson on the 1948 war, they should dock students’ grades if they don’t explicitly connect “Zionist massacres” to “Jewish religious thought.” Students should be asked “Why do the Jews commit massacres?” (There’s something almost refreshing about the fact that these schools dispense with the usual word games around “Zionists” and “Jews.”)

On October 7, one terrorist carried with him a paper with a quote from an early Islamic figure who encouraged his people to behead and to tear out the internal organs of Jews. This particular figure is lionized in a section of “heroes” in fifth-grade textbooks. Students learn in classrooms adorned with posters of murderous terrorists. Schoolbooks talk about Israeli soldiers’ body parts littering the ground of battle.

And there all the usual hits: praise of martyrdom, the identification of all Jews as targets no matter where they live, and the rest.

Obviously, UN schools aren’t the only ones who teach such filth. The EU Parliament has been complaining for years about the EU-funded hate books used in Palestinian Authority schools as well. Last year, the Times of Israel reported, “an EU resolution directly linked the content of PA textbooks with funds for Palestinian terrorism, and in particular attacks by young people, it said. The resolution also acknowledged that there is antisemitism in the textbooks and demanded that it be removed.” The parliament threatened to cut EU funding for the Palestinian Authority unless the books were cleaned up.

EU officials have begun to understand that Palestinian schools are a system of incitement and conditioning, and that this is a central fact in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rather than a distraction or a minor detail. The combination of hate-programming and Hamas’s governance produces what we saw on October 7 and what is contained in the report on sexual violence in the current war. Those horrors stand apart in their viciousness. War is hell, but Hamas has turned it into something much worse. It would be unforgivable to put one more generation of Palestinians through this brainwashing and one more generation of Israelis through the sadistic consequences of that brainwashing. It is an experiment in barbarity using human subjects, and we’re paying for it.

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